As a ten year old kid growing up I remember one day looking at an art book with so much curiosity, exploring how much detail was used. I still have a mental picture of that image in my head; it was a massive octopus wrapping its tentacles around a pirate ship trying to pull it down to the depths of the sea. Being young and interested, I tried to replicate it by drawing it in pencil using the book as a reference. Then, through middle and high school I enrolled in every art class there was, absorbing everything possible. Even then I still found myself doodling during my other classes not related to art, in those classes I found myself adapting to different styles and perfecting what my other friends were drawing including graffiti.

From there my fascination and passion for art grew even more. I was exposed to art early on by my family; my sister is four years older and went to art school and finally graduating for a degree in fashion design and my uncle with his collection of comic books also shape my appreciation and understanding for all types of art. I was introduced to tattooing around 1998 when I saw my uncle with his first tattoo done at home illegally.

He told me, “you should get into it”, but I still couldn’t see myself making a career out of it until it was finally legalize in 2000 by the state of Massachusetts. The vast amount of talent in the field has me constantly pushing myself to perfect my art.


Hourly Rate: $200